PVC Santa Barbara finds a new Home!

(Friday, march 20)
We are just about to Las Vegas, driving home from a wonderful ski trip with Kyle’s family in Utah.  It was our last trip that we will have all twelve of us together for a long time and we savored every moment with each other.  This will be the last newsletter we write from the United States.  During this count-down stage (10 more days) we have so much to share and be thankful for.  Our next newsletter may take a couple of months as we transition to life and internet services in Costa Rica.
Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.  Our budget for our first two years of ministry in Costa Rica is 100% pledged and we have received 30% of it to helps us with start up cost!  The transition period here in the States has gone so well that we know it has been God’s hand controlling the process.

Paula at Pura Vida Santa Barbara is taking the church new places, literally.  They had started to outgrow the Eastside Library and after some searching Paula found that Girls Inc. had a multi-purpose room that would fit their needs perfectly.  Caddy-corner to Ortega Park with a space for the kids, adequate parking and double the seating capacity it was an ideal fit for PuraVida.   God provided and Girls Inc. even gave them a break on the rent!  With the new venue comes a new schedule.  They will start Sunday morning at 9:00 with 45 minutes of prayer followed by worship service at 10am.  Go and check them out!

In our last newsletter we informed you that we had purchased our tickets for March 31, well our itinerary has changed.  Dennis has been in the process of becoming a US citizen which can take 3-6 months.  He had gone through the first steps and we were waiting for his appointment for his test and interview.  Well ten days after we purchased our tickets we received his appointment card and it was scheduled for the morning of April 2.  This is not the kind of appointment that you can change easily so we called the airline to change our tickets.  All flights were booked because of Holy week and spring breaks.  The only day they had available was April 3.  We reserved the seats and they did not even charge us a ticket changing fee!  Please be in prayer for Dennis, he will be driving early to Los Angeles on April 2 to take the test and then back to Santa Barbara to get me (Kyle), Elias, Boomer (our dog) and all our luggage to go back down to LAX for our 2am departure for Costa Rica on April 3. (Dennis will be flying back for a few days when he receives his next appointment card to be sworn in as a US citizen!) When we arrive in Costa Rica we will be picked up by some friends in our very own car!  A friend of Dennis found us a great car that fits all our needs perfectly.  What a blessing!
Please pray:
·         For the next 2 weeks as they are our last.
·         For Dennis’ interview and test.
·         For travel safety and details
·         For Pura Vida new venue
·         Finding a new life rhythm in Costa Rica
·         Pregnancy and delivery – finding a practitioner in Costa
·         Coming under local church leadership

Pura Vida, Famlia Leon

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