Pura Vida Church Is: A Christ centered ministry founded by Dennis and Kyle Leon, focusing on developing ministries that restore hope to individuals, families and communities through endemic and sustainable church planting.


To be a church ALIVE in the community.


To multiply disciples, leaders and churches.

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How We Do What We Do (Process): Pillars of Pura Vida Church

– Present Christ to people through authentic relationships

– Be and make disciples of Christ

– Be a blessing to the community

– Depend on the Holy Spirit

What We Mean When We Say…

Restore hope: Aiding people in their journey to find their God-given purpose, thus restoring a sense of hope and balance to their lives that only God can give.

Holistic discipleship:  Guiding the spiritual growth of a person’s whole being, mind body, spirit.

Endemic Sustainability: Utilizing local gifts and resources so that a church does not require long term outside financial assistance.

Authentic relationships: Loving people without an agenda, based on organic social connections.