Pura Vida (Pure Life) is a common greeting in Costa Rica. This phrase is often said without paying attention to its literal meaning. As believers in Christ, we acknowledge that Pure Life is only a fantasy without Jesus who is the source of real life in this world. Living in an era where visuals and graphics convey different messages we desired to find a logo that would reflect the meaning of Pura Vida (pure life).

We will attempt to explain what our Logo means and we are sure that you will never look at it in the same way. The message we want to convey is “Pure & Life”.


if you look at the center of the logo hopefully you will notice the figure of a “cut diamond”. In order for a rock to become a diamond it must undergo a process of cleansing where the jeweler gets rid off all the extra “stuff” that covers the beauty, the diamond jeweler knows that even the dirtiest rock has something precious in it. Jesus is the Jeweler and all human beings are potential diamonds for him, he does not see us as who we are but as who we could become. He loves us just as we are, but he loves us way to much to leave us the way he found us, he wants to “purify” us so that we may shine bright for him in a dark world, without even saying a word.


The upper half of the logo represents the sun. We believe the sun is a symbol of life; life is very scarce in places of perpetual darkness. Jesus said “I have come so that (we) may have life, and have it to the full.” It is Christ’s desire that we may live a life that is so real and transparent that is contagious to every one around us.

Our initials PVC are linked together or intertwined; to us this represents community, unity, relationships. We believe that the church is a community where we are held accountable to lead authentic lives, where the joy of one is the joy of all and the pain of one is the pain of all, a safe place where we can be real and be encouraged in our faith. This is nothing new; this is exactly what the early church looked like. Acts 2:44- 47 “All the believers were together and had everything in common… They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people…”

It is our prayer that you live a “Pura Vida” in a community that loves you.

Love, PVC Family