Mostly around the world surfers have a reputation for being selfish, lawless and careless individual.  However this November God gave us the opportunity to witness how surfers from 22 countries around the world came together to fellowship and worship the Creator of the waves and not just to surf. Being part of the Christian Surfers International Conference, encouraged us and many more in seeing how Jesus is using surfing as a tool to bring His good news to places where the “normal” church couldn’t. And the most amazing this is that He is using surfers!

Another incredible honor is that Dennis is recognized as a “pastor for surfers”, so this year he celebrated baptisms for surfers from Ecuador, Panama and officiated the wedding ceremony for a couple from the Dominican Republic. What a blessing is to be use by God in places we do not expect. An as International Director for CS Brett Davis puts it “this is God using ordinary people (surfers) to do His extraordinary work” Enjoy the Pics.

Wedding with Aloha !


P>S: This also was a great opportunity for Kyle and Dennis to celebrate 10 years of A VERY HAPPY MARRIAGE ! without kids !

Pura Vida Couple – The Leons