I am a frustrated farmer. Growing up we always had a summer garden and when I got married I attempted every year to plant a garden, but every year was a failure. Here in Costa Rica my attempts at growing food have been lost to leaf, cutter ants, molds, chickens, virulent weeds, neighbors goats, we even lost some plants to falling coconuts!

Organic Gardening

The last year the Lord has led more than 10 people our way with a vision of organic gardening for Esterillos. During this process I have learned a lot about gardening and seen how the parable of the sower can be applied to church planting and evangelism in this place. We know that to grow, seeds need certain elements air, water, light, minerals and earth and a good farmer knows how to prepare his soil so that the chances of a seed maturing and bearing fruit are increased. Farmers who do not use chemicals are even more intentional about preparing their soil because they know there are no quick fixes for unhealthy plants. The same goes in evangelism and church planting.Planting churches organically requires intentional preparation of the soil, building relationships of trust with people, families and communities so that when the seed of the love of Jesus is planted the chances of it growing into a fruit producing plant are increased.

Five Churches in five years

marco garden
We celebrate the fruit…….. five churches in five years–Esterillos, Tamarindo, Nosara, Alajuela, and now Parrita! After 5 years of praying and preparing the soil we have sent leaders to live in Parrita with the goal of bringing together a body of believers there. Pastor Roberto, his wife Leonor and two children Yina and Offer. Please pray for this family as they begin the process of preparing soil as they build relationships in that place.

We also look forward to a new organic gardening initiative with the help of Marco, Talith, Deandra and Maya Ulloa. Keep on the look out to see how we can use aquaponics and permaculture backyard gardens to bring sustainable change to Esterillos!