HI y’all, quick update on our car situation.  It’s more good news than bad:)

  • Good news, we were able to sell our car very quickly.
This is pre grocery store stop

This is a pre grocery store stop in our old car, tight squeeze!



  • Bad news, we still have not raised enough to buy a car that fits the needs of our family and have now been without a car for over a month.
  • Good news, we were able to buy a small pickup truck to get us around our little town and for the heavy-duty ministry work.

Yes, we let the kids ride in the back but only in our little village and sitting down.



Pura Vida served at the recent WQS surf contest by keeping the beaches clean during the event.

  • Bad news, cars are very expensive in Costa Rica because of a high import tax, we need to raise about $15,000 for  a 2000 model, 4 wheel drive vehicle that seats 7.
  • Good news, we already raised $5,000!
  • Good news, not having a car has not been as bad as I thought it was going to be.

So how have we been surviving without a car?  Well, it’s often inconvenient and it stinks to not be able to go anywhere as a family.  Taking a taxi into town to go to the grocery store is $32 each way and the bus is not much cheaper at $20 each way, not to mention lugging around groceries for a family of six for the week.  We have left the kids with a sitter so me and Dennis can take the truck into town, kinda turns grocery shopping into a date!  We even rented a car for a weekend out of necessity.  Bottom line is, we need a car, it is a 20 minute drive into the town where there is a grocery store, bank, etc.  Not to mention how much we use our car for ministry.  As we plant churches further and further from where we live, we need to be able to get there, and training leaders means including them in on activities and we can’t do that if we do not have transportation.

If all our current partners give an extra $50 we can raise the money this month and have a car by Thanksgiving!  

Please consider giving a special one time gift this year to help us get a car, click here.