Construction in our Church, Family, and House

You know you live in the tropics when you go through one computer a year! We are under construction in more than one way–in our church, family and house. Although a lot has happened since we lost our roof, we have felt God’s presence very strongly and have seen the fruits of His provision in our church and family.

Reconstruction & Transformation


Pura Vida Church is growing in so many ways that we are restructuring the way we do ministry. We praise the Lord that after four years we have mature leaders who are taking initiative to start new ministries like the youth group, women’s outreach and a new group in Jaco. We celebrate the way that God has transformed so many lives and are beginning to see the exponential effect that His transformation can have on a community and a country. Jose is 15 he lives with his mother and older brother who is known to sell drugs and steal. He is going to graduate elementary school this year and has been a part of UNO+ for the PVC Camplast year. Although he understood the bible lessons given at UNO+ he still had questions about who God was, what he needed to do to be saved etc. so he began to come to “PuraVida Church Juvenille” a bible study that goes deeper with young people. He liked it so much he brought his mother the next week and the week after his older sister and two nieces. When his mom and sister heard about the women’s activities that were to happen the following week they offered to come early and help set up! These are the transformations that are taking place in Esterillos, one person, one family, one community at a time!

New House

New House Construction

We are also building a new house. Although we were able to replace the roof of our house quickly after the storm blew it off the structure was in such bad shape that we are going to have to demolish most of it. But thanks to your generous gifts and the help of friends and family around the world we are building new house. Much smaller than the one we currently live in, but much safer. The framing is almost done and it should have a subfloor and roof by the end of the week!

Please Pray

Please continue to pray for Pura Vida Church! There have been many blessings recently, but we do feel like our family is being spiritually attacked and we ask that all you prayer warriors pray fervently for our families spiritual and physical safety. As we finish up the year we ask that you continue to pray that our financial support will continue to come in. Pray for all 47 students that participate in UNO+ as well as the staff and volunteers that love those kids everyday.We are still not fully supported. Please consider making an end of the year donation or a commitment for 2014 at the link below.