You know you live in the tropics when…. 5 foot iguanas fall through your roof.


The hole in the roof

Be and Make Disciples of Christ

After many attempts at finding a good day and time for the Parrita church we have finally settled on Wednesday nights. This is a new church plant so getting it going is taking time, but the fruit is starting to look good! As a nice group of skateboarders is starting to frequent our studies.

Kyle starts a girl’s bible study next week. The boys that attend Pura Vida receive most of their discipeling time on the road to the surf contests or just spending time with Dennis after school, but the girls miss out on that time so Kyle has set up a special time just for them. As she works on building trust and confidence in these relationships she hopes to be a healthy example of womanliness as well.


We are so excited to tell you about our two new friends Melissa and Carolina. A friend had recommended Dennis for some surf lessons and after the first lesson they were hooked. They came back the next weekend and the next. They went from lessons to permanent weekend residents at our house with the rest of our friends from San Jose who spend the weekends camping in our living room, surfing all day and coming to church Sunday night. Now they consider us their church.

Being a blessing

Blessing is a cycle, and when you can bless others using the gifts God has given you it is amazing to see the results. One of our gifts is hospitality. It comes naturally, it is easy, and it surprises people so it must be from God. The result of this gift is that our house turns hostel on the weekend as it fills up with friends and friends of friends who come down from the city to enjoy the beach. Over holy week the house was overflowing and one of our guests noticed that our guest/church bathroom toilet was in bad shape as well as the faucet in the kitchen which “sung” and leaked whenever the water pressure was not high enough. Well, he happened to be the distributor of American Standard products in Costa Rica so the next week we had a new toilet and faucet!!! Oh the ways God fills the longings of our hearts and provides for every need!

Dependence on the Holy Spirit

We have a long list of prayer requests this month which includes many upcoming activities that we need prayer for.

  • Health as the rain starts so do the plagues of staph infections and dengue.
  • discipelship: Parrita, girls, Pura Vida, Christian Surfers,
  • U.S. citizenship for Dennis
  • We are starting the process of becoming long term missionaries with Free Methodist World Misssions: funds to come in for that process
  • Adding the required classes for missionaries to an already busy schedule
  • Dennis travels to Orlando in June for a Christian Surfers training and then to Bali in August to the Christian Surfers International Conference (CSI is sponsoring part of his travel expenses).
  • Christian Surfers Costa Rica camp in June
  • Christian Surf movie that features Dennis, Anthony and our friend Alejandro premiers in Limon in June and in Parrita in July. These are evangelistic events, pray for the power of the gospel to be heard and to touch lives.
  • Complete (physical, spiritual, psychological, relational) healing for Kyle’s brother Charlie in the U.S. as he goes through rehab.
  • Kyle’s family and others that will be coming to visit this summer

Again and again….. THANK YOU for all your love and support to our family & Ministry…

Pura Vida, Familia Leon.

Elias and cousins at Kinder