Jesus said He is the WAY, the Truth, and the Life, here are some ways we have been seeing the fruit of these words at Pura Vida Church and the 360 Mission District lately.  Esteban showing kids the Way to Jesus.  Leaders learning the Truths that Jesus came to show us and Marcelo who has been given new life in Christ.


”The Way” is the name of Pura Vida Church’s new youth group, reaching ages 10-18.  Esteban, who many of you know or have heard us talk about before, is leading this outreach to the youth of our community with his wife.  Just a few years ago it seems, he was one of the kids in Esterillos without positive role models to spend time with and teach him the way of Jesus and now he has been lead to be that role model to the youth of Esterillos.  It is amazing to see his example of the full cycle of a disciple making disciples.  They meet weekly and combine different fun activities with biblical teachings and midweek hang out times.  He is already gaining trust and the right to be heard as kids seek him out he is able to show them the WAY to Jesus.

This week we stared book II of the Community Church Planting pastoral formation series with 22 people.  As I looked at that group it was amazing to see how much pastoral potential there was in that room.  As we study the truths of scripture and the model of Jesus for the expansion of His kingdom I noticed that we had six people who live within a half a block of our house in the class and how Dennis was literally working his way out of  a job.  Of the 22 people there 18 of them live within a 2 mile radius from us and all of them have pastoral qualities.  We could leave tomorrow and leave 18 capable people to carry on the church in Esterillos.  Of course that’s not the goal, the goal is to see mannnnnny more churches planted, that all 22 of those people plant churches in Esterillos and other places.  

Last Sunday at church a man stood up to give testimony to the life giving power of the bride of Christ, the church.   He began by proclaiming himself a die hard Catholic but went on to thank the people of the church for their love and care of his son. Marcelo had been coming to church and participating in a small group with his fiancé and daughter for a few months when he almost died of a ruptured appendix.  The people of the church surrounded him and cared for him and his family during this time. A few months later he was operated on again because of adherences that had formed on his stomach and intestines from his first surgery.  His family encouraged him to return home to the city where they could care for him, but he refused because he said he that the people in the church were caring for him like family.  The day before  his father stood in church to express his gratitude we had the privilege of marrying Marcelo and his wife and his father had seen the way the church surrounded them in love as we all worked to plan and prepare for that celebration.  Marcelo and his wife Johanna and their little girl Alana are part of the Pura Vida Church, Marcelo plays the cajon with the worship team, Marcelo and Johanna help out with the youth group and the whole family participate in a small group.  That is the power of the church.  



Leon family – Tough homeschool year with three different levels and a crazy 3 year old to wrangle.  Pray for patience for Kyle and the kids.  Elias also starts a new online high school program this month pray that this is a good fit for his educational needs.  (If you feel led to give to this need please support our MSA by clicking the link below.)


Pura Vida Church Esterillos – Thank God for new families coming to church and getting involved in small groups.

Pray for more workers


360 mission district- Pray for People of Peace to be identified in communities around existing church.  Pray for continued  commitment of the people taking the Pastoral Formation courses. Also for partner opportunities with churches in the US. 


PuraVida Church Esterillos

360/Shoreline Mission District