The Leon Family is Growing…

The best Birthday present ever….

Dear Friends & Family,

Last Friday November 21 we celebrated Kyle’s 27 birthday (she still looks 16). That same day we find out that she is pregnant with our second baby!!!!! After the good news she turned to me and said “sweety this is my best birthday present ever” I responded “no problem …”.

Our Costa Rica plans have changed…

Because of this great surprise our plans on moving to Costa Rica have change a little. We had plan on moving to Costa Rica by mid May 2009, now because the baby is due at the end of June beginning of July, we will be moving at the END OF MARCH 2009. It is necessary for my wife to settle and “nest”, and yes baby Leon will be born in Costa Rica,(we’ll save one plane ticket too). My wife has already look into natural child birth options in Costa Rica and there are plenty, praise God. We will keep you posted as the belly gets bigger.
Please pray for the health of my wife and the new baby, that everything goes normal, pray for Elias as he becomes a big brother, and for me to be protect, care and provide for my family as it grows. Thank you.

Love,Dennis on behalf of Familia Leon