Young, Dumb and Broke

  Young, dumb and broke Jesus called a bunch of young, dumb and broke guys to follow him.  They had no training, no credentials, no experience, they were mostly uneducated and [...]

We need Wheels

HI y’all, quick update on our car situation.  It’s more good news than bad:) Good news, we were able to sell our car very quickly. .   Bad news, we still have not raised enough [...]

Expanding our horizons

Before I tell you about how amazing these last two months have been we want to praise God that for the first time in 7 years as missionaries, Free Methodist World Missions projects that we will [...]

New Year and a new Baby

Between, the excitement of Christmas, the transition into a new year, the blessing of a new baby, the business of working with short term teams and the emotions of Holy Week, we have been busy! [...]

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