“God has always showed me how much he loves me  and I have this dream and this desire to be a blessing to many people, encouraging those that need it and praying for them and showing the lost the way to the Cross.  Now that I have been a part of Pura Vida Church, I see how simple it is to do that.  This motivates me to follow the example of people like Dennis.   That is why  I want to learn from him so that someday I can put it all into practice.  I have seen God’s hand in everything that happens to me and I know that He is going to use me.  The truth is, I desire to serve God with my my whole life.”

These are the words of one of the leaders that has grown up in the church plant in Quepos where about 15 people gather weekly for a bible study in a vacant office space.  This is the reason we started the Shoreline Mission District, to be able to encourage and equip leaders who feel called to ministry but are not sure how to make that happen.  To help them interpret God’s call in their lives and prepare them to plant churches, to help them get their boat in the water.

This testimony reminds me about the importance of leading an exemplary life, this young mas has been called by God and encouraged by the example of Dennis.  He sees the full life Dennis leads, sharing Christ’s love with people and feels called to do the same.  It is so exciting to see this kind of life transformation and we look forward to seeing how God will use him.  To support the work of leadership development, pastoral equipping and church planting click here

Celebrating the breaking of bread

As we strive to prepare leaders who not only love and serve, we know that we need to develop a deep understanding of who God is  and this month we had the privilege of having Professor Ricardo Gomez who came down and helped prepare the minds of 23 leaders from the three churches with a class on applied theology.  Understanding who God is and how we can apply that to our lives.    

Celebrating an amazing sunrise easter service


God is growing His church in so many amazing ways and we are so glad to be a part of it.  Sometimes it is exhausting, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes status quo, but it is always miraculous.  And it is a body, it is His body and weather you are here or there, in front or in back, inside or outside we are all a part of this miraculous thing called the Church, working together from all over the world to bring more people into this family of love.


  • Leaders to continue to come forth 
  • visitors coming for the summer
  • buildings for Parrita and Esterillos churches
  • UNO+ centers to find supporters