We are in the countdown (3 weeks) for baby Cyrus’ birth

and God has provided for all that we need as we anticipate this event. We are also counting down to April 1st when we need to have at least 75% of our annual budget “committed.” This means that even if you cannot give now, but are planning on giving later in the year (like as soon as you get your fat tax return!) all you have to do is let us know and we can count it towards meeting this goal. Right now we are 54% “committed” because of those of you who have already given this year or have signed up on FMWM website for a recurring gift.

Here is how to make a commitment:

Option 1: send me an email ([email protected] or [email protected]), letter (Leon Family – 561 La Marina – Santa Barbara, CA 93109) or facebook message saying that you are planning on doing this and how much you are planning on giving.
Option 2: go to https://freemethodist.wufoo.com/forms/z7s1q3/ fill out the form and submit.