It is so good to be a part of the universal body of Christ!  The church, the bride, is so diverse and huge.  Think about it, groups meeting in secret, in public, huge groups of thousands, groups of just a few, in huts, prisons, houses, schools, under a tree, in special church buildings there is no where that can not be made sacred as the church gathers to praise his name and learn together.

At a local level, Pura Vida church has been implementing the community church planting model and we have seen four new groups start in the last three months!  These groups meet in a surf shop, a surf school, and two homes. To support local church planting and pastoral training efforts click here

On an international level the Shoreline /360 Mission District will be celebrating the diversity of the global church at the Christian Surfers International gathering in France this month.  Dennis will be meeting with other leaders from around the world to strategize church planting efforts for the surf community.  

As with any building project we have had some set backs and the plans are back on the drawing board as this year the frontage required for public buildings went from three meters to six!  The builder is looking at how to redistribute the plans to accommodate this new standard.  We still need to raise $70,000 to complete the first stage of the building process.  If you would like to be a part of giving Pura vida church and the Shoreline/360 mission district a home click here.