It has been a season of visitors. As the vacation months hit in the States many friends have taken this opportunity to come and visit us here in Costa Rica. We have enjoyed their company, catching up on the goings on in Santa Barbara over coffee at our house or while enjoying weekends at the beach. Speaking of weekends at the beach….. Kyle has given up trying to get anything done on weekends from now on! Somehow she always think this would be a good time to do some laundry, clean the bathroom, write a newsletter, but experience has shown that this does not work. We get a double dose of visitors on weekends, kids off from school, adults off from work, friends down from San Jose for a weekend at the beach. It is prime time for being available and building relationships.


Be a disciple and make disciples

God has been operating and we have had the opportunity to branch out along the coast because of surf contests. The first was the ISA (International Surfing Association) World Games held in Hermosa. Dennis took a load of kids to volunteer with Christian Surfers and help in whatever way they could. Then we took a gang of kids from church to help with a surf contest at Playa Palo Seco, a beach about half an hour south of us. Our kids were amazing, taking their queue from Dennis they helped with judging, announcing, clean up and they all displayed great sportsmanship. We will be hosting our own surf contest here in Esterillos in September where we hope we can get to know more key people from the different beaches along the coast.


Be a blessing

Project “A Smile for Esterillos” is underway. Our friend Macarena brought her whole family along with her this year. They are originally from Chile but God called them to the Basque Country of Spain ten years ago. Her father Gerardo is a dentist specializing in dental prosthesis. In two weeks, with the help of his dental assistant wife Gianela, they were able to bring back 17 people’s smiles with 22 dental prosthesis.


Depend on the Holy Spirit

  • Health as we head into rainy season and dengue becomes more prevalent
  • Elias’ transition to being a big brother and saying goodbye to my family again
  • Spiritual growth in our congregation and guidance on how to cultivate that growth

Family Notes

Selah is sleeping, growing and eating. She is almost 2 months old now and getting bigger and cuter by the day. Elias is a great big brother and loves to look at her and help change her diapers. He is having some jealousy issues with other people but not with Selah. Dennis is loving being the dad of a daughter, showing her off around town. He is also happy to be fully recovered from his fall through the roof and is back to surfing and playing soccer. Kyle is fully recovered thanks to all the help she has received from her family and is back in the water surfing again as well.

Pura Vida, Leon Family