“Pura Vida” (pure life).  As in….. “How are you?”, “Pura Vida”.  “How is everything going?”, “Pura Vida”.  “How is your family?”, “Pura Vida”.  It is a state of being, and as Christians it is the life style that we have been called to live.  It is the name of our church, and it is the culture that we want to create in the church and in our family as we seek to live lives pure and holy before God so that others can come to know him and serve Him with their lives, lives of Pura Vida.   

Pura Vida Church Is: A Christ centered ministry founded by Dennis and Kyle Leon, focusing on developing ministries that restore hope to individuals, families and communities through endemic and sustainable church planting.

Vision: Restore hope one individual, one family, one community at a time.

Mission:  Plant culturally relevant churches in the coastal communities of Costa Rica and beyond.

How We Do What We Do (Process): Pillars of Pura Vida Church

–          Present Christ to people through authentic relationships

–          Be and make Disciples of Christ

–          Be a blessing to the community

–          Depend on the Holy Spirit

2012 highlights

–          Moving Sunday celebration services to the local public school

  • Brought 8 new families and 3 individuals.
  • Initiated a new believers discipleship program.
  • Initiated a new Sunday children’s program.

–          Christian Surfers National directorship was passed on to a wonderful team of local leaders

  • Int’l conference where there were 5 representatives from Costa Rica.
  • Independence Day Surf contest with over 70 contestants, 200 spectators and $ 2,500 raised for the local school, Christian Surfers, and Pura Vida Church.
  • A new CS chapter/bible study in Esterillos.

Things we are looking forward to in 2013

–          Seeing the new believer disciples start to disciple others.

–          The beginning of a new holistic children’s program UNO+ “better kids for our world”.  Offered to all grade school children in Esterillos Oeste, focusing on providing health, education and spiritual guidance.

–          Continued growth in our church as the new people and families start to bring others to Christ.

–          New baby Leon to be born in April.

–          Seeing the group in Alajuela/San Jose develop into a Pura Vida Church family in the city.

–          Becoming full time “extended term” missionaries with Free Methodist World Missions.


Get involved:

Many of you have been supporting us for almost four years now and we thank you for your consistency and commitment.  We could not have accomplished what we have in these last three years without God’s grace, your prayers and financial support.  Please consider recommitting this year to both prayer and financial support.  We need $20,000 in commitments to continue the ministry in Costa Rica.


Prayer:  We need your prayers!  To be able to keep up on our current needs and prayer requests sign up for our online newsletter at www.puravidachurch.com. EVEN IF YOU DID IT BEFORE, DO IT AGAIN! WE HAVE A NEW SYSTEM.


Financial:  Make a commitment for 2013!

*if you singed up this year to give monthly online and did not put in an end date you do not need to recommit for 2013.  Your 2012 commitment will roll over into 2013.