You know when God provides for a need before you even ask Him?  It is such a great reminder to us that He loves us more than we even know, providing for the small things and the big things.  This week He provided in that way…..Dennis has developed a friendship with the guard at the gate to where we keep some cows and the other day on his way to check the cows he stopped to talk with the guard and the guard shared with him that his sister and brother in law had been in a motorcycle accident a couple days before and both had lost a leg.  He was sharing how difficult this was for them and their family and expressing his concern over how they were going to get work when they are released from the hospital or even get around because they could not afford a wheelchair for either of them. Dennis was able to encourage him and as he pulled away he got a phone call from a lady that is a part of Pura Vida Church asking whether we knew anyone who needed a wheel chair, that she had one to give away!!!  This is just one of the miraculous ways He has provided for us this year already.  If you would like to be a part of this continuing work of planting churches in Costa Rica you can give here.


Another was providing us with this car.  Here is our new car on its first long trip up north with representatives from Pura Vida Church Quepos for the Christian Surfers Camp in Guanacaste.  Thanks to all you who helped us buy this car, already it is being used to bless our family and ministry.


Here are the winners of the heaviest chickens for the UNO+ chicken project which was a huge success!  We had over 20 kids participate in the competition and a few even made some money auctioning off their chickens.  Some kids where so into it they dressed their chickens up and painted their nails!  This project not only taught the kids responsibility it also provided food for their families and lots of fun for everyone.IMG_2221

Dennis and Kyle, along with the rest of the missionaries serving in Latin America had a great time in Colombia learning, sharing and growing in faith together to better win Latin America to Christ.  If you want to help support these kinds of training events for our pastors and leaders you can give here.

Please pray with us:

  • for people to step up and commit to serve in the local church
  • for more volunteers, staff and funding for UNO+
  • for Dennis ongoing role in Christian Surfers mentoring leaders in latin america
  • for consistency in attendance at the church plant in Quepos
  • for a new space for both the Parrita and Esterillos churches to meet in
  • thanks for all the ways He provides for all our needs

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