Sometimes, when working here, the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors can be overwhelming.  These last three months we have seen so much blessing!  God has provided for the communities we serve in amazing ways, filling spiritual as well as physical needs of the people here.

We received four short term mission teams in the last three months who came to love and care for the people of Esterillos and Parrita in real and tangible ways.

We kicked off the season with a week long Soccer camp lead by our friend Sloan and his family.


After that we had a Free Methodist youth team come and help paint the new classrooms at the school in Esterillos as well as install the septic system for the new cafeteria and bathrooms. They also put on a wonderful Family Festival to help the community raise funds for the new school building and have fun.

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As a church we were able to put a real roof over the back yard of the Pura Vida Church House in Parrita. Now the church can meet rain or shine without getting soaked or baked depending on the weather.


Another group installed a water filtration system to ensure that the children at the school have clean drinking water.

A Salty Youth team helped Vida Raiz do some planting in the Uno+ garden and put a new coat of paint on the Uno+ building as well as a new security door.

11828744_10207043390910449_6457060859854715630_nThe Salty New Smyrna women’s team did a wonderful job beautifying the Uno+ garden with Vida Raiz and did some fun projects with the kids and moms of Uno+ Esterillos and Parrita.

11870708_1723738567847101_7150137041412699161_n10984608_1626603064278098_3160054618638490328_nWe also want to report to you that one Friday evening someone broke into the cafeteria at the school and stole a months worth of food that had been delivered that morning. Because of your generous support and constant prayers by Monday all the food had been replaced and the children did not even miss a meal! 

We found out we are pregnant again and expect little Leon to join the world mid February.

Dennis and Kyle celebrated 13 years of marriage with a one-night getaway, the first since having children 10 years ago!


None of these things could have happened without your financial support and constant prayers.

Continue to pray for Uno+ as it continues to grow and expand. We now have 15 children in Parrita and 5 more in Jaco and we need more dedicated tutors to lovingly guide these kids and show them God’s love.

1508600_833068006734730_7351519867048578245_nWe have lost three key leaders in our church in the last 3 months, as people have had to take a break from leadership responsibilities for different reasons. Pray for new leaders to step up to fill those holes.

Prayer for travel mercies for Dennis as he travels to Mexico to give a Christian Surfers training this month and to Florida in October to meet with some churches to expand our partnership base.

For the first time in 6 years we are officially in the red with our mission organization. If we are going to be able to stay in Costa Rica and continue the work that God has called us to we desperately need your prayers and financial support.

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As you can see from the report above God has been using Pura Vida Church to be a blessing to so many and God has always been faithful and we continue to trust Him to meet all our needs.