Nine Years

We are at the tail end of the dry season here, it gets stormy every day and I think to myself, “here comes the rain” but a few hours later and still not a drop.  The land is hot, [...]

Hi Everyone!

You know when God provides for a need before you even ask Him?  It is such a great reminder to us that He loves us more than we even know, providing for the small things and the big things. [...]

Happy New Year!

Hello!  We have had a great last couple of months celebrating Jesus birth and a new year and we want to share some highlights with you, but first BIG PRAISE, we can get a new car!  Thanks to all [...]

We need Wheels

HI y’all, quick update on our car situation.  It’s more good news than bad:) Good news, we were able to sell our car very quickly. .   Bad news, we still have not raised enough [...]